About the People Behind Helping Nature Heal

Helping Nature Heal was founded in 2001.

It is made up of the following people:


Ann Vlass, N.D. B.Sci. (Hons.)

Clinic Director, Naturopath, Medical Research Scientist


Ben Greening, L.L.B., B.Sci.

Clinic Coordinator & Media Manager, Compounding Biochemist, Researcher



Helping Nature Heal was founded by Ann Vlass, a qualified Naturopath and Medical Research Scientist. Specialising in Infertility issues, miscarriage prevention and hormonal health,  she completed her postgraduate qualifications in Natural Fertility Management and Better Babies Preconception Health Care. She has further completed postgrad studies in AI therapy, Ayurveda medicine, botanical medicine, and Iridology.

Ann also has a Science degree from The University of Melbourne (double-major in Pharmacology and Biochemistry) and completed her research Thesis with Honours from the Department of Medicine, and the Royal Melbourne Hospital Department of Colorectal Medicine and Genetics, where she analysed modulation of cancer-related genes in response to diets containing specific dietary fibres known for their preventative effects against colorectal cancer. She then further worked in research in this field with the Department of Colorectal Medicine and Genetics at Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Ann is currently appointed on the Research Committee board of Australia's largest Natural Medicine association, the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) and is a member of the Fertility Society of Australia. Ann was honoured to be invited to speak to the Australian Health Industry at the 2010 ATMS AGM conference in Melbourne. 

Ann and Ben organised and hosted the sold out Fertility industry event for Health Professionals in collaboration with the famous, now retired "Baby Maker" Ruth Sharkey (as nicknamed by A Current Affair).

Her 17 years experience as a professional actor has led her to work extensively with the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (formally Department of General Practice and Public Health) at Melbourne University in programs which trains medical students, GPs, and midwives in communication skills. She has appeared in countless workshops and training videos, and has been associated with a number of medical research papers.

Her public speaking attributes include guest lecturing in Medical Anthropology at Melbourne University in 2001 on the topic of Natural Medicine. Ann also regularly writes in-depth articles for popular holistic and health magazines. The Victorian Herbalist Association (branch of NHAA) invited Ann to be a guest speaker in June 2006 to speak on Post-Graduate opportunites for Natural Medicine Practitioners. Ann presented her medical research findings at the International Gastroenterology Week Congress in October 2006. In 2009, Ann was a keynote presenter at the International Congress of Mental Health Summit, where she presented research on Nutritional and Environmental Impacts on Foetal Brain development. In 2010, Ann presented her own clinical experience findings on Integrative Pathology and Traditional Medicine for Infertility at the Bioregulatory Medicine Conference, and has lectured throughout Australia and New Zealand industry events on Infertility Signs and Symptoms, and toured to sell out audiences around Australia on Body Signs and Symptoms whilst 29 weeks pregnant with her own son (a happiliy unplanned pregnancy) at 40 years old!  Ann and Ben are now writing courses for the Health Industry on this topic due to its demand for their knowledge. Ann  has observed well over 5,000 eyes, tongues, nails and faces. 

Ann's history of published work includes being asked to write a series of articles on Hormones for the famous Rescu online magazine, interviews in Nova magazine alongside Jane Bennet of Fertility and older couples, a research article on Co-Enzyme Q10 in LiveWell magazine in 2005 which had astounding resposes throughout Australia. Lifestyle1 magazine (a weekly circulated around the South-West region of Victoria) interviewed Ann in July 2006 and commended her skills and impressive diverse background. The Australian Practitioners Fellowship interviewed Ann for their March 2008 issue about Iris Signs and Fertility. Ann was recently interviewed by Channel 31 in Melbourne about Natural Fertility, and local papers have also interviewed Ann on her fertility work. Ann has written a research article for trade publication about the highly technical hypothalamic and pituitary axis and its effect on infertility. Ann was also quoted in Mind Matters magazine on her keynote presentation at the 2009 Summit for Mental Health in Melbourne, where she talked on the topic "Foetal Nutrition and Brain Development", about the importance of adequate nutrition being present for the developing foetus, the conditions that can develop if adequate nutrition is absent, and chemical influences that can disrupt foetal development by interfering with healthy nutrient metabolism in mother and/or foetus.  

Inbetween, their very busy schedule, Ann and Ben enjoy their new founded parenthood, with their precious 4mth old Jamie Matthew born on the 10.11.11. He comes to work with his mommy and daddy and loves to observe all the excitement of their busy and rewarding work!

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