You know those couples who have tried everything to get pregnant - been through the whole medical system and still don't have answers and still can't get pregnant?


We help those couples realise that they are not infertile forever, that there are real reasons why they aren't pregnant that haven't been properly considered yet.


And as a result we help them fall and stay pregnant naturally.




Our Natural Fertility & Reproductive Care services include:

  • preconception health care for healthy conception, pregnancy and birth
  • natural treatments for fertility disturbances and other reproductive health issues (male and female)
  • natural treatments for pregnancy and breastfeeding complaints (which do not require urgent medical attention)

Natural Fertility & Reproductive Care methods (based on findings of Foresight and Natural Fertility Management) provide families with holistic, well-researched, safe and effective solutions during all stages of reproductive healthcare.


Are you planning a family?  It just makes sense for you and your partner to be in the best of health. Research examining the principles upon which we base our program (Foresight studies*) showed an impressive success rate by natural conception of up to 81%.  This compares to an approximate 25% industry-wide success rate of IVF, which is even lower in older couples, and less than 8% full-term pregnancies.  Please refer to the section below for more information about conception, IVF, and other Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).

*The principles contained in our Fertility Program were analysed in a UK study by the British Association for the Promotion of Health Care of 367 couples, 59% with prior fertility problems. Those on the program showed that 81% of "infertile" couples conceived, with no miscarriages, perinatal deaths, malformations, or newborn admissions to intensive care. This group followed a regime similar to that proposed here and included diet and lifestyle modification with nutrient and herb supplements.  This is a dramatic decrease on the average rate in the general population of 20% miscarriages and 2% malformations, especially considering these studies were focused mainly on couples who had prior infertility.

Couples who would benefit from our Program:

  • Normal healthy, fertile couples who want their children to be as healthy as possible;
  • Couples who have infertility or sub-fertility, with or without known cause, including problems with sperm count/motility, anovulation, hormonal disturbances etc.;
  • Couples with history of malformation, prematurity, miscarriages, spontaneous abortions, low birth weight, stillbirth or sudden infant death syndrome;
  • Couples seeking preconception advice for IVF, GIFT and IUI, and who are hoping to maximise their chances of success (please see the section “Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Our Program” below for more information);
  • Older couples, including women over 40 years, to improve mitochondria quality and function in the embryo, especially to help prevent Down's syndrome;
  • Males with sperm abnormalities and females with hormonal irregularities;
  • Couples who are stressed and emotionally drained;
  • Couples requesting ‘natural’ healthy pregnancy support;
  • Couples seeking to avoid health problems for their child in early childhood (such as eczema, allergies, asthma, hyperactivity).

The Natural Fertility & Reproductive Health Care program for Conception will help clear long-standing ailments, emotionally and physically preparing the family. The Program also includes recipes and other lifestyle changes that are required for healthy eating.

This program integrates both 5,000 year old traditional principles (of both Ayurveda and Naturopathy) and over 7 years of medical research in areas of preconception, pregnancy and post natal care. It aims at healthy preparation for conception by naturally cleansing and boosting the health of both the female and the male. We have enough trouble dealing with the daily toxic assault of a myriad of unnatural chemicals on our bodies, but a growing foetus is much more sensitive.

It drastically decreases the chance of abnormality and miscarriage, and increases the success of all attempts to conceive - including IVF, and when couples are declared by their doctor to be "infertile".

The Program is based on Clinical Research:

The research used in our Program showed:

  • 81% of couples medically diagnosed "infertile" conceived.
  • Of the couples with no history of fertility problems: 96% had given birth at the end of the study.
  • A success rate of 66.2% with "male infertility".

This shows the principles we use in the Natural Fertility & Reproductive Care program aids fertility in both ‘fertile’ and ‘infertile’ couples. Of those who conceived, there were no miscarriages, perinatal deaths, malformations, or newborn admissions to intensive care.

Our research has investigated that treating both male and female partners is required, as the general quality of sperm has decreased over the last fifty years and reflects the nutrient status and physical health of our bodies. This programme can help you overcome sub-fertility or infertility and, whilst boosting your own health.

Foresight is currently completing a larger study with 1,061 couples. Preliminary findings show excellent outcomes, with conception rates of approximately 78% (leading to a healthy baby) within two years of following the program. This study also suggests that IVF enjoys more than doubled conception success rates following preconception health care.

The University of New England (UNE) is currently conducting a study of 67 patients on the Natural Fertility Management Program, in which we also base our principles. A high proportion of the couples in this study had serious fertility problems, all of them were diagnosed infertile, and 25% of them were over 40yrs. Preliminary results have already shown that 52% of previously infertile couples can conceive within the first four months following their participation in the program.

Can we combine this program with IVF?

Yes. We encourage the use of our program at least 4 months prior to an IVF procedure to:

  • Clear the effects of previous IVF drugs from your system (particularly from the hyperstimulation phase)
  • Prepare your body to withstand invasive medical procedures
  • Increase male sperm parameters to improve chances of good quality DNA being transferred (both by natural fertilisation methods or by injection)
  • Detoxify and improve the health and nutritional status of the female to improve the chances that a strong, viable ovum with high-quality DNA will be released and not subject to a harmful environment in the womb
  • Treat pathologies such as PCOS, endometriosis, and other hormonal conditions that seriously impact your chances of successful fertilisation, implantation, and development of an embryo.

Even if you have an IVF procedure booked very soon we can assist as well:

  • Nutritional status in some areas can be raised quickly
  • We have extensive experience and will provide treatment that will not interact or conflict with any aspect of your IVF procedure in any way (except of course that by improving your health the chances of successful procedures will improve!)

See the above second Foresight preliminary study with IVF. This study suggests a more than doubled conception success rate for IVF, following preconception health care.

Natural Fertility & Reproductive Care booklet - by Ann Vlass N.D., B.Sc (Hons)

This thoroughly researched manual outlines all you need to know about our natural therapy treatments and current research in natural fertility management. This booklet is only offered to clients undertaking our program as it provides additional educational tools.

How to increase your chance of a successful conception:

To increase your chance of having a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby it is necessary to undertake a program of preconception health care at least 4-6 months prior to conception. The chances of a successful outcome are highest if both prospective parents take part in the program and if lifestyle and dietary protocols are followed.


Please read the outline of the recent study below detailing IVF mothers.

Recent University of Melbourne study - links IVF mothers as twice as likely to have a disappointing birthing experience, more anxious and more likely to give up breastfeeding.

Women who conceive using assisted reproductive technology, such as IVF, are more likely to feel anxious and lack confidence in caring for their babies than those who conceive without treatment, according to a recent University of Melbourne study.

In the largest Australian study of mothering after assisted conception, Research Fellow Dr Karin Hammarberg, from the Key Centre for Women’s Health in Society, tracked more than 150 women over the first 18 months of motherhood.

Their experiences of early parenting were compared with data taken from the general population and other surveys of new mothers.

The study found that compared to other women, those who conceived using assisted reproductive technologies were:

  • Three times more likely to be admitted to early parenting centres;
  • Less likely to be breastfeeding their babies at three months;
  • Less confident about their mothering skills;
  • More anxious about caring for a new baby;
  • Twice as likely to have a caesarean; and
  • More likely to be disappointed with their birth experience.

We believe this is because the IVF experience removes the mother-to-be from the natural process of forming a new human being. This affects the formation of the bond between mother and child that is such an important factor in early childhood development, and could explain anxiety and confidence issues as described in this study.


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Our Clients Tell Us:

Our annual client satisfaction surveys tell us that women would have chosen Natural Fertility & Reproductive Care as an alternative to artificial hormonal regulation sooner, if it had been offered to them or it had been supported by their medical professionals and a positive public perception of alternative health care.

Our Consultation length:

The consultation normally takes in the region of two hours during which time advice is given on all the above topics. A full medical history is taken. If no physical reason for infertility has been diagnosed it may be beneficial for the couple (one or both) order a full iridology report as this will often provide a clearer understanding for treatment for conception. Separate appointments can be made for this.

Be wary of misleading Fertility treatments:

This is unfortunate but common practice amongst many different types of healthcare practitioners. We have had many disappointed, “ripped-off”, and scarred clients who come to us after elaborate fertility ‘treatments’. Please use common sense when investing in Fertility treatments of any sort. There is no “secret”, or special “one-size-fits-all” infertility formula or herb from the Amazon that will guarantee conception, nor are there any ‘special blood tests’ that requires thousands of dollars for fertility investigation.  Misleading or unethical claims such as these are just not true.  Each couple is different, and requires unique treatment.