Herbal Aktiv Peel at Helping Nature Heal

New Skin in 5 days - a Facelift without the Risk!

Herbal Aktiv Peel is a safe and more effective alternative to chemical and acid peels.  The formula is well researched and has been used for decades, with thousands of excellent results and no serious complications.

Herbal Aktiv Peel does not pose a danger to your skin.

It is not a surgical procedure, it does not burn the skin away.  It has the same positive effects though - because it is a treatment process that lasts 5 days, slowing regenerating the skin.

Over the 5 days the following will happen:

  1. The treatment is performed, lasting about an hour.  This involves preparing and cleansing the skin, preparation and application of the herbal mixture and techniques to have it penetrate deep into your skin.
  2. No difference from your normal daily regime except you use the supplied creams only.
  3. Again, no difference from normal. A few people who respond quickly to the peel may begin seeing some cracking, however this is easily hidden with the supplied creams.
  4. Most people begin peeling on Day 4, however it's hidden with the supplied creams.  At absolute worst, it looks like peeling that follows a moderate sunburn.
  5. Most are well peeling on the morning of Day 5, however there are some that only just begin peeling now; we usually try and have people arrange Day 5 on a day off, non-work or non-event day, because of the possibility that the peeling can't be hidden by the creams.  On Day 5 we schedule a clean-off treatment which gently removes all the loose skin; as you walk out of our clinic you are back to your normal self!

Best results are observed approximately 2 weeks after the conclusion of the treatment - this is when the new skin is matured and in best condition.  We advise clients wishing to have a Herbal Aktiv Peel in preparation for a particular event to take this into account.

There is also an abridged version of the Peel called a "Mini-Peel", which is a one-day one-hour treatment that involves the application of a reduced amount of herbs, and does not require after-treatment.  This is more like a facial and is well suited for looking great that night or the next day.