"Every eye is beautiful. You are the physical and emotional expression of three generations behind you…Iridology is a cohesive blend of physical, emotional and mental aspects of iris signs based on the teachings of European, American and Australian masters. It assists you to see the whole person thus empowering them to be the best they can be! ”- Toni Miller. N.D. The Integrated Iridologist®


Iridology is the scientific analysis of patterns and structures in the iris of the eye, which reveal our health and the condition of our body. The iris reveals our unique body constitution, inherent strengths and weaknesses, health levels, and transitions that take place in our body according to our way of life. Iridology is a true “holistic tool”.

A full iridology analysis along with tongue and nail diagnosis is performed with each booked initial consultation at the clinic.

Iridology helps us understand our weaknesses so we may strengthen to obtain our maximum health potential. It brings to us an awareness of how to prevent illness, thus allowing us to earn our most precious earthly treasure--vibrant physical, mental and spiritual health!

The evaluation of a constitution assesses the ability of an individual to withstand diseases, and the pathways of weakness which would precipitate disease. Each constitution shows unique dietary, lifestyle and emotional needs. The genotype inheritance can be modified through phenotypic choices (nutrition, climate, home, social life, emotions).

The “constitution”-based approach in iridology allows for behaviour to modify what is inherited by offspring, contrary to mainstream genetic concepts of ‘genotype’ and ‘phenotype’. We cannot change our constitution, but can affect what elements of our constitution are passed onto our next generation. For example, clean wholefood diet, seasonal eating, reducing negative influences (such as avoiding suppressive medicines and vaccinations, pollutants, stress, other environmental influences), and achieving spiritual and emotional balance, can all render our children less susceptible to whatever vulnerabilities present due to our constitution.

By showing up weak tissue ("hot spots") it can reveal where and what kind of nutrition is needed for optimal health. It helps us understand our inherent weaknesses so we can try to strengthen them. Iridology aims to help us understand what our "unique" mental, physical and emotional needs are.


  • Inherent (“Constitutional”) strengths and weaknesses in glands, tissues, organs
  • Location and extent of possible toxic accumulations and of inflammation
  • Under activity or ‘sluggishness’ in glands, tissues or organs
  • Conditions of the bowel: inflammation, spastic or ballooned conditions, prolapse, digestive conditions
  • Levels of circulation throughout the body
  • Physical or mental fatigue, and the general state of the nervous system
  • Potential nutritional, preventative, and/or protective remedies for all of the above
  • How your body will respond to treatment
  • The emotional links between health and disease
    • using psychological and personality indicators
    • gender and sibling sequence
    • identifying and resolving Time Risk.



By utilising the worlds newest digital iridology camera Canon EOS 8 Megapixel Digital SLR camera and Macro Lens with 7X magnification. Its fibre optic lighting produces true colour images. It is essential that true images are taken otherwise interpretation of image may lead to distorted analysis. Old technology and current cheap equipment do not offer the same accuracy.

With the world's best analysis software, Iridology Station 5, we can accurately map the different colours, textures and patterns in your eyes. The software is currently being used as part of a scientific study taking place.   “The New Iridologist®” software is also used as a reference tool.


“The New Iridologist®” software enables us to produce state of the art 30+ page unique reports. A complete study of your eyes will be revealed in your report. This service requires a week from photographing the eyes to printing up your report.