Biochemical Nutrition

Nutrition is in all foods we eat, this covers the "good" foods as well as the not-so-good.

Biochemistry is the field of science looking at the chemistry of organic molecules. Every reaction that occurs in organic tissue falls under the field of biochemistry.

Biochemical Nutrition focuses on analysis of the molecular effects on our body of the components in the food we eat. It encompasses both complex foods that are mixes of hundreds of different types of molecules as well as specific non-food supplement "megadoses" that can be used to quickly and efficiently alter how the body functions, which when used properly have greatly reduced risk of side-effects compared with pharmaceutical drugs (because nutrients are molecules that the body is exposed to and utilises on a daily basis, as opposed to foreign molecules manufactured in a laboratory which seek to drastically alter our body's functioning).

This is a rapidly expanding field of research because it explains the causes and pathologies of all chronic "Western diet and lifestyle"-induced disease such as Metabolic Syndrome (obesity, type 2 diabetes and related disease), Cardiovascular disease (heart disease, atherosclerosis, etc.) and Cancer, and offers treatment options for all disease, even disease declared "untreatable" by Medicine.

Treatment with Biochemical nutrients, as with all treatments here at Helping Nature Heal, has the dual aim of treating the issue as it presents in the body, as well as enabling the body to better strengthen its defences against further development of the issue into something more serious.