VoiceBio Voice Analysis

Frequency is in every sound we hear, every electrical current that courses through everything from cables to our brains.

Like everything else in life there are good frequencies and not-so-good frequencies. There are frequencies that are relaxing, such as a soothing low-frequency hum that we can literally feel, to painfully shrill ear-piercing frequencies in loud screams that can literally pop our eardrums.

But did you know the frequencies you emit from your body can provide information about how it is functioning, and provide an avenue for correcting imbalance?

VoiceBio is a technology that has its roots in ancient Indian Ayurvedic studies of sound and how it affects us. They knew that repeating specific vowel sounds can induce changes within the body, such as boosting the activity of a specific organ or system, and that this is the physical effect of repeatedly chanting a mantra. If not right now, the next time you're in a space where you're not going to feel self-conscious, let out a long loud slow "oooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" and if you're doing it you will feel the vibration of the "mmm" as though it is rising up through the middle of your head. A physical change you can feel, produced merely by the frequency of the sound from your voice. Try now with the sound "oooonnnnnn", humming the "nnn". Completely different. (For interest's sake, the sanskrit character "aum" or [insert sanskrit character here] roughly translated means "life, the universe, and everything" and has three parts to the symbol - mind, body, and spirit. A simplistic explanation of what is occurring when you chant "aum" is that you are nourishing all three aspects of yourself).

VoiceBio takes this principle further. By logging the frequency of each frequency in the voice in a "Voiceprint", information about what areas of the body are overactive (and potentially stressed or at risk of overuse) or underactive (lacking energy or raw materials to function properly, or as a result of a significant period of stress leading to depletion) we can look to integrate treatments to achieve a lasting balance within the body.

There is no such thing as the "perfect" Voiceprint just as there is no 'perfect' human being. Our Voiceprint shows unmistakeable essence of our individuality, just as our personality can predispose our body to certain types of misfunction (from things as obvious as joint pain in a chronic overexerciser, to less obvious such as heart failure due to high blood pressure in a chronically angry person, to psychological/physiological causation such anxiety being a risk factor for bowel disease). The aim of treatment is not to turn you into the clone of "perfect" but to balance your inherent strengths with your weaknesses to avoid particular pressure being placed on a part of your body by the way you live your life.

How VoiceBio works as a preventative analysis tool depends on a principle of homotoxicology called "disease evolution". It discriminates between the different states of "health" as can be understood in more detail in this article here (put the following in separate article and link):

* Perfect health: where absolutely every part of you is perfectly in balance, there is no sign of disease or ability for any health issue to develop. (If you ever achieve this please let Medical Science know, they will pay approximately one gazillion dollars in your currency of choice to be able to clone you)
* Optimum health: where every part of you is in healthy working order and you are adequately dealing with the challenges placed upon your body by diet, environment, and genetics.
* Compensated optimum health: where every part appears in healthy working order but a primary system in the body is under more stress than it can handle, but no system or organ is as yet deteriorating in any way from this stress. This can also be considered a state of "Compensatory Sufficiency". Let us use the example where someone has a higher than normal "bad" saturated fat intake, but shows no effects yet.
* Primary Compensatory Insufficiency: where a part of the body is under stress, and where secondary (compensatory) systems are insufficient to prevent the development of an imbalance within the body. In our bad-fat-guzzler example, after years of eating too much bad fat, it begins to change in chemical composition and begins to be accumulated to artery walls like dough. Symptoms can begin to appear but are usually sporadic or minor in nature.
* Systemic Compensatory Insufficiency: where an issue in the body has arisen to the point where it places stress on other areas of the body which causes secondary symptoms and/or disease. In our example, deposition of oxidised cholesterol material in the wall of the coronary artery has occurred for long enough that it narrows the diameter of the arterial lumen which has the effect of reducing blood flow to the heart. Symptoms can be serious, but can also be confusing - while shortness of breath and chest pain under exertion are straightforwardly attributed to atherosclerosis, [insert moderately bizarre symptom here] is not, and many doctors find it very difficult to reconcile multiple disparate symptoms to a single causative issue. Even the esteemed Dr. House gets it wrong a few times each episode before he gets it right (coincidentally just as the patient is on death's door)
* Loss of ability to regulate: a state of chaos in the body which if untreated usually quickly leads to...
* Death. The ultimate loss of regulation that occurs as each cell in the body is unable to maintain function within itself.

In our example the last two stages are characterised by the inability of the heart to adequately function (myocardial infarction or "heart attack" - due to inadequate oxygen supply in the tissue resulting from reduced volume of blood supplied to heart tissue) and as a result of total cessation of blood flow, the death of brain tissue, the most sensitive tissue in the body to oxygen deprivation.

VoiceBio can identify where compensation occurs and as a result seek to treat a health issue long before it becomes detectible by modern medical means. For example, it is estimated the average cancer has been growing inside the suffering host for 3-5 years before it gets so big and obvious that it causes symptoms or is detectible by screening.

All VoiceBio involves is speaking into a microphone in three short tests about specific subjects to gauge your reaction to them. During this stage the therapist leaves the room to avoid interfering with your reactions: what you say and how you say it will be affected if you think there is someone listening to what you have to say. What you say is not recorded - only how often certain frequencies are detected in your voice.