If you would like to have the best chance at a healthy family, in preconception and in attempting, maintaining, and delivering a pregnancy, please click here for the Natural Fertility & Reproductive Care Program.

Weight Loss:

If you would like to find a way for quick, proven, drug-free, effective, natural, and safe weight loss, whether for a few summer-conscious excess kilos or to reshape your body before obesity totally ravages your health, please click here for the Weight Loss 4 Life Program.


If you have a skin ailment, and pharmaceutical therapies are not working or cause unpleasant side-effects (or you are unwilling to resort to such therapies), please click here for the Skin Blemishes and Beautiful Skin Program to identify and treat the cause of your ailment.


If you want to join millions of people world-wide in seeking a natural, wholistic, and effective way to improve the appearance of your skin and reduce age related illnesses by making your entire body healthier, please click here for the Anti-Ageing Program.


If you have a general feeling of "sluggishness", or get headaches often, or feel bloated, or have trouble getting up in the morning, or have a thick coating on your tongue and/or bad breath, or are too often "grumpy", or get recurrent urinary infections... these may indicate you are suffering from a buildup of toxins: please click here for more information about the Detox the Body and Soul Program.


If the pressures of modern life mean you never have time to relax, and when you do you are unable to 'wind down' (and perhaps even suffer from insomnia), please click here for more information about the Stress and Adrenal Depletion Program.


Sleep comprehensive care include diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of patients with all types of sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnea, snoring, insomnia, and restless legs syndrome. The program also aims to regulate circadium rhythms to regulate hormone release. Click here for the Sleep Health Program.


If you believe in preventative medicine, and would like to heal illness years before they arise by getting and staying healthy, please click here for information about the Wellness Zone Program [link not active yet].


Your eyes hold the mysteries to your individual genetic strengths and weaknesses. Using digital iridology software and photography, we can map your unique iris patterns, pupil and sclera signs. From this thorough analysis, we design a unique, easy to follow nutritional program which uses genetic make-up based on your eye-type so that you can maintain ideal body weight, stay physically, emotionally and mentally healthy, prevent or cure illness. Please click here for more information about your Personal Iridology Program.