Skin Health Program


Skin grows from the inside out - therefore it reflects health within the body.  Most skin conditions benefit greatly from fixing up health problems within, and permanent resolution of skin issues can be achieved without thousands of dollars being spent on risky, temporary, patchwork, cover-up applications like make-up, resurfacing, or cosmetic surgery.

While we do perform the Herbal Aktiv Peel, a gentle resurfacing/regeneration technique, we will only recommend that it is the ONLY solution to a skin issue in certain individual cases (mostly regarding topical scarring).  By combining a treatment to clean up and protect the skin from the outside, with treatments that enable the body to grow clean skin from the inside, you CAN achieve the skin you want!

We also stock and are trained in professional-grade natural mineral makeup, which provides coverage and finish while not harming the skin in any way.  Even merely changing from synthetic-chemical-laden pore-clogging skin-irritating muck to some proper cosmetics designed for skin, not for marketing, can provide results that can be seen and believed!