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All consultations are by appointment only, and will usually last between 1.5 and 2 hours for an initial consultation, with less for a follow-up.

Helping Nature Heal wishes to inform that an appointment cancelled or missed without 24 hours notice may at our discretion incur a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the appointment fee. This allows a 24 hour period for us to rebook this time for another patient who may be on our waiting list for an appointment.


Webcam consultations are available for interstate, country, regional, and overseas clients only, preferably only for follow-up consultations. We do however encourage regular email contact with all our clients, as this not only allows an avenue of communication should a pressing need arise, it shows that we take an ongoing interest in your health.


For you to gain greatest benefit during your consultation we encourage you to plan your time carefully and arrive ahead of your scheduled appointment time. This will allow you time to fill out any required paper work or Health Appraisal Forms.


All our Helping Nature Heal Herbal supplements and nutritional supplementation are selected remedies that we believe are ethical and adhere to the principles of naturopathic practice. We do not readily support remedies that are easily available for self-prescribing, such as are found on the shelves of health food stores, discount vitamin shops and pharmacies, or those sold by multi-level marketing. The information required to use natural medicines properly is far more sophisticated than the information pedalled to the public in advertising, but the main problem is that these are extremely low quality offerrings. Low-quality products are formulated based on price and marketability, not therapeutic value.

For example, Echinacea blends on the health food shop and pharmacy shelf contains the E. purpureawhole plant variety - but it is the more expensive E. angustifolia ('root or rhizome' not whole plant) that has been traditionally used by herbalists in long-term fortification of the immune system (not to 'lessen the symptoms of a cold' which is what these products claim to do). Not only do such over the counter products contain cheaper and ineffective ingredients, they are marketed misleadingly and incorrectly! It is situations like these that allow accusations of "quackery" aimed at traditional medicine, but it is not traditional medicine practitioners or the medicines who are the 'quacks', but those attempting to make a quick buck out of a rapidly growing, and disastrously underregulated industry. And you do not even want to think about where the fish in your 'bulk buy' fish oil came from...

In some cases, even the name of a product can be deliberately misleading, e.g. the 1,000mg tablets in a product named "Glucosamine 1,000" may contain as little as 100mg of actual glucosamine in the cheapest products. Tests have shown repeatedly that the over-the-counter product in which labels are more fact than fiction is extremely rare.

Without exception, the quality of ingredients in such offerings is atrocious, the labelling deceptive, the ethics appalling, and the knowledge regarding the ingredients barely evident: and a price tag that makes crooked manufacturers very rich; and the consumer out-of-pocket and confused.

Manufacturers supplying to natural medicine practitioners cannot get away with conduct as unethical, unconscionable, false and misleading as this, as practitioners look for the effects the active ingredients will have on a client. If a product does not work, practitioners will seek another.

We look for quality and efficacy in nutritional products, and prefer to recommend excipient-free products.


Why not give someone in your life a deserving gift of health, relaxation, spiritual guidance and wellbeing? Give a gift that will truly stand out among the chocolates, cards and tupperware.

Gift vouchers for any of our services may be purchased from the clinic or can be arranged by telephone or email and are available for all services. We are happy to post them to you or directly to the recipient. Credit card payment is available.


Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS, EFT and major credit cards accepted.

Unless by prior arrangement, fees are payable in full at each consultation. We reserve the right to charge administration fees regarding unfulfilled payments, and to pass on to you any fees incurred by us (e.g. if we are charged for presenting a cheque that dishonours).

Our general policy regarding bank fees in credit and debit transactions:

In the case of Diners' Club and American Express cards, we pass on the full fee for any amount.

We do not pass on fees for debit cards (for any amount), or for all other credit card payments under $500.

Direct Deposit and Save:

Direct-depositing a fixed fee (such as consultation fee, program payment, green peel payment, or pre-arranged product payment) before the date of the service entitles you to a 5% discount.


We are accredited with health fund provider numbers. Private Health Cover rebates apply for many of our services. Call your insurance company to clarify your level of health cover and which of our services you can claim.


All services are available with extended hours and are by appointment only in Kew (Melbourne). Email and VoiP (e.g. Skype) consultations are available, please contact us for advice on your specific wishes.