Miscarriage prevention strategies.

Pregnancy is not the end stage of treatment - merely the beginning!

Having a healthy, happy mother and baby at the end of it all is the ultimate goal.

Treatment before and during pregnancy can:

  • greatly reduce the rate of birth defects;
  • greatly increase chances of maintaining full-term pregnancy through to birth;
  • enable mother and child to be more resilient to the challenges of the birthing process;
  • greatly reduce the chance of both general genomic damage and of specific genetic syndromes (e.g. trisomy) in the foetus;
  • greatly reduce the chance of miscarriage or stillbirth occurring;
  • greatly reduce the chance of post-birth issues (such as post-natal depression);
  • greatly increase the ability of mother to get over the whole birth process;
  • greatly enhance the health and happiness of the whole family.