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"...After actively trying to conceive for 2 years, endometriosis, a laparoscopy, fertility drugs and still no pregnancy, I was frustrated and depressed. IVF was suggested to us. I refused, I decided that would be our last option. After a lot of research I took back some control and sought a naturopath. Just 4 months later we were over the moon that I was pregnant. Now we have 2 beautiful and healthy children. Thankyou for the knowledge and the support to help make it happen. Love V and H...."

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"My weight had ballooned, I had digestive problems and I was full of fear, frustration and anxieties. I knew I had to see 'someone' about my situation but I intuitively knew a medical doctor couldn't be able to sort out my problems... Through the use of flower essences and herbal remedies my health has improved, I've lost weight and very importantly my attitude and outlook about my life has become more positive... Ann's holistic approach to health has proven far more beneficial to me than any pill a medical doctor could have prescribed. Thank you, Ann." M.R.

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"I would like to inform you that you are right about me thinking positive and to keep studying,as I have now got a new job!!!! thank you, Ann" K.J


"With the [Herbal] Peel I have found a safe non-intrusive procedure that has helped with my scarring. I am very much looking forward to my fourth peel and further improved skin." Deborah*

"The [Herbal] Peel treatment has certainly revitalised my skin and eliminated freckles, after just a few days since the first peel. I'm 47 years old but now I don't look it anymore. Best is, even my husband noticed a difference." G. M.*

"I had very dehydrated, bumpy skin with quite a lot of scarring. The Herbal Aktiv Peel improved the texture of my skin dramatically. My skin is continuing to look a lot healthier as the days go on. I must say I'm quite the sceptic when it comes to skin treatment, but it is really quite an amazing change. I have tried fruit acid peels, AHA and it made my skin red and angry. The Herbal Aktiv Peel has given my skin a fresh look." Mary

* these two testimonials were provided for us when we used another herbal peeling product, the Green Peel(R), based off the same general formula. Since we have switched we have observed even better results for our clients.  

/* Gday Schrammek bullies or their lawyers, you can waste your time sending legal threats if you like and if you do the above reference will be replaced with even less flattering material that will be entirely opinion, and which you can do nothing about. Have a nice day. */