Treatment Specialties

We specialise in treating Infertility: helping achieve Healthy Pregnancy, remedying Recurrent Miscarriage, providing Support and Enhancement for IVF Procedures, and a range of related outcomes.

Due to the wide and powerful range of modalities and treatments we utilise, we can also successfully assess your Preventative Health Potential, help you resolve Hormone and Weight Issues, heal your Skin permanently, and many other remedies to health conditions you may have just learnt to live with!


  • Fertility Solutions with Natural Fertility Management
  • IVF Support
  • Preventative Health Analysis
  • Skin


Here is a list of areas of healthcare in which we have particular education, experience and success.

Natural Fertility Management

Analysis of the variety of aspects of pregnancy that place greatly increased stress on the female body is essential to better preprate, and prevent complications from arising. More and more research is showing the importance of all kinds of nutrition in preparing for conception.

The comprehensive analysis of the health of a couple that we conduct:

  • WILL increase chances of natural conception;
  • WILL increase chances of conception in conjunction with artificial reproductive technologies such as IVF and IXI;
  • WILL reduce chances of malformations including genetic abnormalities in "elder" women;
  • WILL reduce chances of miscarriage and improve chances of healthy full-term pregnancy;
  • WILL improve the experience of the birthing process; and
  • WILL improve long-term health outcomes for both mother and baby. Preparation for Conception is only one part of the journey.
The goal is a happy, healthy family, not just conception. 
Proper analysis of diet, lifestyle, nutritional status, hormone balance, and many other health considerations all need to be assessed and treated if necessary. "New" research on a monthly basis is better respecting the huge stresses placed on the female body during pregnancy, and adequate preparation is essential to avoid the many potential problems that can arise in what is without doubt the single greatest physical challenge in a woman's life.

IVF Support

IVF's aim to artificially complete the first part of the pregnancy journey. Falling pregnant with IVF does not negate the need for all the other support that a mother-to-be needs! For example, there is simply no doubt that endogenous hormone balance is more conducive to long-term health of the pregnancy than patchwork pharmaceuticals trying to hide problems within the female body, and no course of IVF treatment involves a thorough analysis of health and nutritional status throughout the body.

Preventative Health Analysis

Physical symptoms are a manifestation of health issues that have been worsening over time, and are an indication that an issue is so bad that the body cannot deal with the challenge without any more.  We use a variety of tools and ways to analyse aspects of your health and history to tell you where your body is unique in its inherent strengths and sensitivities and where you are very likely to develop health issues if you allow excessive pressure to be put on your body due to diet, lifestyle, environment, nutritional deficiencies, overwork, stress, and other factors.
More information to come soon!


True skin health comes from within. You can cover your skin to keep up appearances - but without correcting the issues that cause skin conditions, discolourations, and blemishes from where they are caused, you will be trapped in an endless cycle of paying ever increasing costs of stronger coverage makeups.
In the ultimate irony, the thickest, gluggiest makeups that are used to cover the most obvious skin blemishes, harm the skin the most.  However very slick marketing and airbrushing and photoshopping has confused a lot of us into believing differently!
This is why we stock a natural mineral makeup that is formulated primarily to heal the skin.  However they don't buy heaps of advertising space on TV and in magazines because they put their money into product formulation and ingredients.  We stock these to give you the opportunity to stop using cosmetics which have caused and exacerbated your skin issues to start with.
There are a variety of ways in which hormone health, diet choices, certain cosmetics, environmental toxins, bacterial infections can all cause skin health issues from within the body.  We have the tools to investigate and remedy these issues so you can enjoy the healthy skin that you should be able to!
More information to come soon!