IVF Support

Increase chances of conception and full-term pregnancy while decreasing chances of genetic abnormalities and malformations with our IVF Support Program.

IVF has enabled plenty of infertile couples to conceive. However due to the limited focus of the IVF process we are able to provide preparatory treatments that can address reproductive health issues that IVF does not.

Conception is what occurs when healthy sperm and ovum (egg) meet in the right conditions. A large range of factors can prevent this from happening naturally:

  • Hormone disruption in the female can prevent egg release
  • Low sperm motility precludes enough sperm reaching the egg
  • High sperm abnormalities drastically reduces the likelihood of successful fusion with an egg
  • Genetic abnormalities can prevent a fused zygote from developing at all.

Even if conception occurs, a different range of factors can mean a healthy fertilised egg (zygote) is not able to develop into a child.

  • Hormone disruption and acid/alkaline imbalance in the female can prevent the zygote from properly implanting into the uterine wall.
  • Hormone disruption can prevent the uterine wall from properly developing to be able to support zygote after implantation.
  • Immune dysregulation in the female means the immune system can target and destroy the zygote by accident.
  • Low-grade genetic abnormalities (which cannot be identified by mere visual inspection of a sperm) can manifest as congenital development issues weeks or months into gestation.
  • Insufficient nutrition and high oxidative stress can result in reduced placenta growth which can starve the foetus of nutrition.

There are simply too many considerations and mechanisms to mention that can be removed as obstacles to your fertility by preparing for your conception with our IVF Support Program.