Natural Fertility Management

Infertility is not a disease. It is a symptom of a reproductive system not working as it could in either or both of a couple.

Conceiving a child is the result of a huge number of interrelated body organs, systems and functions working properly. By assessing total body health and seeking to understand how the reproductive system is functioning in the client, we can enhance fertility drastically and overcome fertility issues that cannot be treated by focusing on the reproductive system alone.

IVF and other artificial reproductive technologies have achieved the dream for thousands of couples worldwide, yet we believe that the best fertility treatment does not focus on the female reproductive system alone. By combining natural fertility treatments with IVF we can increase your chances of conception and healthy birth at full-term, of avoiding genetic abnormalities, malformations, and complications.

Additionally, mainstream medicine does not have adequate understanding of the interrelationship between diet, nutrition, supplementation, and health. While it is encouraging that the importance of nutrition and supplements is being recognised by IVF clinics and obstetricians, it is disheartening that they supplements that are recommended are of such low quality and efficacy (for example, Elevit, which is a very poor formulation for a number of reasons).

By obtaining the right information about supplements and nutrition you increase the likelihood of avoiding those specific issues that the supplements seek to treat. We also provide professional quality products which we formulate on-site to deliver a range of therapeutic ingredients specific to the clients. Each individual receives individual treatment according to what is required, not due to statistical chances that they may help.