Weight Loss 4 Life


LOSE WEIGHT effectively the natural way by following Helping Nature Heal's personalised and scientific based weight loss program that is designed for the individual.

The Helping Nature Heal Weightloss 4 Life Program helps you attain your desired body weight. The success of this program is profound, as clients are amazed at how quickly they loose weight but more importantly feel great too. Many wonderful benefits include more youthful and glowing skin, more energy, no hunger cravings, a toned body and more muscle strength. Following the principles of a short-term specially designed ratio of protein:carbohydrate:fat diet, this program aims to stimulate the fat-burning metabolism of the body and educate about the long-term lifestyle changes that keep the weight off for good!

The generic "Australian diet" contains far too much carbohydrate - there are many side-effects of this, including lowering energy levels, and even inducing a proven effect of 'addiction' to simple sugars. The Weight Program includes weekly targets, food diaries, and many useful recipes to help you in your daily quest to attain your ideal weight.


Will I put the weight back on if I lose it too fast?

Not if you follow the principles given to you on the program. On the Helping Nature Heal Weight Loss program you are taught about food cravings, body biochemistry, food groups and food portions that your body requires, and you are provided with the tools that help you maintain your healthy weight for life. When you reach your desired weight, a 'personalised healthy maintenance' booklet based on your iris type is offered to you.

Is it safe to lose weight quickly?

You just can't lose weight fast, or at least, as fast as many people would like to. The first 2 weeks of the diet look good- you lose up to 3.5kg (depending on the body type). This is not necessarily fat you are losing. It may be fluid excess due to the elimination of certain high carbohydrate and sodium rich foods that retain the water in the body's cells. A healthy weight loss after the initial 2 weeks should be up to 1kg per week. As a general rule, losing any more than 1kg a week means you are losing muscle, not fat, which is not good at all. The reality is that your metabolism will control the rate of your weight loss, so you will not lose more than your body will let you.

Will my metabolism increase on the diet?

Yes. Yes. Yes! In fact, we request that people with low thyroid conditions and diabetes should follow this diet program.

Is this diet healthy for me?

You will be supported with vitamins, minerals and amino acids (protein) to support general dietary requirements, to maintain blood sugar levels and to alleviate cravings. Also, the eating plan itself does involve foods from all five food groups. We DO NOT endorse the use of meal replacements.

Can I claim on my private health insurance?

There are funds that you can claim with. Ask your consultant and/or your fund for further information.

Will I have to exercise?

You are not required to exercise whilst on the program to lose weight. However, we recommend you walk at least 3 times per week to help build muscle mass, build bone density, improve your circulation, reduce your sugar cravings and feel good within yourself. It is a requirement as part of a "balanced" lifestyle and it WILL help you lose weight quicker.

Is this a high protein, low carb program?

No! The program consists of a balanced amount of protein and carbohydrates. The protein portioning recommended is within the World Health Organisation guidelines.

I have a family; will it be difficult to do this program?

No! The whole family can eat the foods prepared for this program. Your trick is to eat the 'portioning required'. In fact, the whole family could benefit from the food lists suggested. There are some great recipes that are very popular for the family to try.

Will I be hungry?

No. You should not be hungry if you follow the program correctly. The biochemistry changes required for fat burning will control your sugar cravings. In fact, if you are NOT hungry, then you know you are following the diet correctly!

Can I still go out for dinner?

Absolutely! There is always something to order from a restaurant that will follow the guidelines for the Helping Nature Heal Weight Loss Program.  For exmaple, steak/chicken/fish combined with vegetables or salad is fine, even a really thick creamy sauce won't do much; basically so long as you stay away from dishes that are piles of rice or pasta, you'll be fine. Most importantly: have fun and enjoy your meal! You will not survive very long on a diet if it is making you intolerably miserable!